We are often asked what we can produce. Well, one page just would not be enough space to show you, but we'll try to give you an idea. Here are just a few examples of our products and services.

Here are a few of our yarns. From left to right: Core Spun Rug Yarn, 4-ply Cormo/Angora blend, 3-ply Cormo/Angora Blend, 3-ply Tan and White Alpaca/Cormo Blend, 3-ply Border Leicester, 2-ply Shetland, 2-ply Dog/Cormo Blend, 3-ply Merino/Silk Blend, 2-ply Llama/Cormo Blend

As you can see, 2-ply yarns have a bit more handspun/rustic look while the 3-ply yarns have a more rounded commercial look to them. Both Knit up beautifully. The type/ply of yarn you choose can be determined by fiber type and by personal taste. We can spin your fiber into the weight of yarn you would like ranging from fingering weight to bulky weight. Please keep in mind that not all fiber has the same characteristics and may not be suitable for every weight of yarn. If you are not sure of the weight of yarn your fiber will be showcased at it's best, we will be happy to give you some guidance.

3 ply  Shetland/Angora fingering weight

Top: Varigated stripe   Bottom: Marl

BFL wool/ Cotton blend 3 ply sport

We have many types of fiber available to create your own one-of-a-kind yarn.  ( Yarn stores:This is a great opportunity to have a "house yarn" for sale in your shop) We can also use different techniques to create custom yarns from your dyed  (must be colorfast) or natural color fiber. Have an idea we have not thought of? Please Ask! We are open to possibilities.

Just a few of our yarns.

Our little yarn store is stocked with yarns and fiber from our animals. We have also created quite a few luxury yarns sold at reasonable prices. We currently have many silk blends, angora, alpaca as well as wool yarns in different weights. Nancy's sock is available (2ply Alpaca/Mohair/Wool blend) as well as our 3ply Blue Hills sock. We do sell finished items as well (socks, shawls, hats, mittens, gloves etc.). Check Back often as our stock is constantly changing.

If you would like a sample card Please request one using our contact page. Thank you.