Fiber Animals

Our Mill is located on our farm. We have an assortment of animals we care for. In return many of them provide us with some of the fiber used in our own line of yarn.

Currently We have 8 alpacas (we are non-breeders), 3 cormo sheep, 1 BFL/Corriedale X, 4 Corriedale, 5 Corriedale/merino X's, 1 Merino ram and a few other Xs. We usually have fleeces on hand to blend with your fiber if you desire. Prices vary, please inquire by e-mail or phone.

We are hands on owners, doing all of the daily feeding and routine care ourselves.
Our animals are important to us and are treated with love and care. Each has a name and a home to call their own. No animal is ever harmed while being relieved of their fiber. Without them we could not make our wonderful yarn.

Farm visitors are always welcome. 
We'd love for you to come and meet these amazing animals and learn about them  and the wonderful fiber they produce.         

Please call us to arrange a visit and we'll answer all your questions and
introduce you to our critters, fiber, yarn and fiber products.