*Charges based on incoming weight

Process                                                       Wool / Exotics

*Includes Washing, Carding,picking,roving,      $8.00/lb            
 batts or clouds

2nd wash for extremely dirty                              $2.50/lb           
or greasy fleece

Carding Only (Includes Picking) -                       $6.50/lb
roving, batts or clouds

***Rewash fibers sent as washed                       $2.75/lb

Blending                                                              $2.50/lb             
Machine Picking                                                  $2.50/lb

Pin Drafting                                                         $2.50/lb           

Skirting                                                                $18.00 per fleece

2nd carding for cleaning vm                                $2.50/lb            

*We no longer have minimums, but Under 1 pound will be charged for 1 pound.

*** To protect our equipment, fiber must be clean, grease and conditioner free.  If it is not, we must rewash the fiber.  This separate charge is based on the fact that prewashed fiber is much lighter in weight than raw fiber, but the same amount of time, hot water, and detergent must go into rewashing. This will be added to the 'carding only' charges when made into roving, batts or clouds. 

If you want any services not listed, or you are not sure which services you need, please email or call us.

- For best results, fiber should be well skirted with NO barn sweepings, twine, wire, toenails, etc.

- We reserve the right to refuse any fleece with excessive vegetable matter,
or that we feel we cannot suitably process. 

                     Prices subject to change without notice


                       SPINNING FEES AND INFORMATION

Spinning charges are based on finished weight and include machine picking, carding, drafting and Plying

- A separate fee for washing of $3.75 per pound will be charged based on the incoming weight.  These charges also apply to fibers that must be rewashed. 

Pricing is for  ** 2-3 ply yarn **  Washing Charges are not included in these prices, see above.

Bulky                             $21.00/lb.       

Sport/Worsted              $21.00/lb.   

Fingering/fine               $24.00/ib.

Fine sock                      $26.50/lb.

Spinning charges are calculated after washing so we can not give you an exact price before washing your fiber since most fiber does lose weight during the washing process.  

We offer many blending fibers, e-mail for prices.

 Additional information on spinning


* We are unable to process 100% Suri Alpaca or 100% mohair and on occasion Huacaya alpaca fiber.  We reserve the right to add wool to any exotic fiber necessary to process unless requested not to.  In that case the fiber will be returned in roving or clouds. We will contact you before adding wool. 

**If you are interested in more than a 2-3 ply yarn, please remember the spinning fee is based on the spinning and plying weight of the singles, add $.75 per lb. for each additional ply.

*** Yes, we can and do process Dog fiber but no less then 35% wool must be added, sorry, allergies prevent us from processing Cat. Angora rabbit can sometimes be spun at 100%, call for pricing. Angora rabbit blends will be charged the regular price. Contact us BEFORE sending these types of fiber.

- Individual spinning batches under 1 pound will be charged for 1 pound finished weight. With processing you will lose some fiber so use your judgment as to wether or not it's worth even spinning.

Fiber must be a minimum of 3 1/2 inches and a maximum of 7 1/4 inches in length.  Please be sure to check the length of your fiber
before sending it for spinning.  Use a ruler and stretch the staple
out to measure accurately.  Thank you.

Yarn Finishing*:  Note that we spin for balance so finishing by  washing is optional. Steam finishing is standard at no additional charge.

                               Washing/Set Twist         $2.00/lb

Finished skeins are usually 400 yrds. for fingering/sock wt., 250 yrds for sport, 200 yrds for worsted wt. and 150 yrds. for bulky wt. but can vary.

If you desire different skein sizes please let us know when your order is sent. Thank you.

*We're sorry to inconvenience anyone but we will no longer offer skeins finished by ounces.


We require a 50% deposit before beginning your order. Please let us know if you require an estimate. We will bill you for the remaining balance when your order is completed with the balance due prior to shipping. Balance is due within 10 days unless other arrangements have been made in advance. We accept checks or credit cards*. An interest fee of 1.5% per month will be charged on invoices not paid within 30 days along with a storage charge of $5.00 per box of finished product.
After 45 days of non-payment product reverts to mill ownership.
*Visa or Mastercard accepted, please add 3% processing fee


- To ensure prompt attention to your order, please call us for your processing needs prior to shipping.

- Bag separate fleeces and ship in cardboard boxes.  

-Please obtain delivery confirmation if you would like to know if/when we received your package.

 *******Please be sure your name and instructions are on or in EACH BAG.*******

-Ship with whatever carrier you desire, however we will usually return via USPS.

- To ensure prompt attention to your order, please contact us for your processing needs prior to shipping.  We generally check our email each day.  If you decide to send us your fiber for processing,
email us so we are expecting your package.
Please make sure that each box/bag contains the following:



-Phone number,

-e-mail address  
-Complete instructions

If you want the finished product delivered to a different address, please include that information as well. 

For spinning orders, please include a sample of the yarn weight you want.

Ship to.  Blue Hills Fiber Mill                      

               W12855 Christianson Rd 

                Bruce, WI 54819



-  Do not ship wet or damp fleece or any fibers that are felted together.  If you can't pull them apart neither can we.

- If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Your fiber will always receive our prompt and careful attention

Prices effective for fiber received after 08/25/2015