Cored Rug Yarn

In the past we have been asked about what to do with alpaca or llama 2nds or courser fiber of any type that does not make satisfactory yarn for handwork or weaving.  Bulky yarn for rug yarn or felting projects is one answer but it is not always economical to spend the dollars on making yarn.  This gives an alternative to spinning fees and puts those fibers to good use.    


We have been making the cored yarn for awhile now and have tried different combinations for alpaca & llama.  We made an assortment of rugs with the yarns and have found that the yarn made with a blend of no less than 30% wool with those fibers makes a relatively even yarn that then makes nice rugs.  The core of the yarn is jute twine as this is more supple and easier to work with in weaving or any other hand work.  We also now offer a cotton core, please specify which you prefer. 

Prices are based on incoming weight of the fiber if previously washed or we will weigh it after washing. 

Alpaca and Llama owners must supply the wool they want blended as the quantities are restrictive to us keeping an adequate supply on hand. 

We will blend to your specifications with the colors you provide.  


If you want colored yarn made you can send us dyed fiber and we will card that onto the core.  The dyed fiber must not be felted.  The length of the fiber is unrestricted however short pieces will fall out easily in processing or when weaving. 

 $12.00 per pound with cotton core.

$14.00 per pound for blends. This is for alpaca and llama and includes the blending fee. 

Please call for information about having us weave your rugs.

These prices do not include washing of any of the different fibers and those prices are listed in the spinning fee section. 

Please email if you are interested in having cored yarn made from your fiber or have questions.



Blue Hills Fiber Mill, W12855 Christianson Rd, Bruce, WI 54819